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Support for Information Rights Management

Introducing IRM support in TouchDown 7.3

When connecting to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 in ActiveSync protocol, TouchDown supports viewing and creation of IRM protected messages.
Users can use IRM to protect sensitive messages from accidental or intentional leakage. When IRM is enabled, administrators can create a set of policy templates that define the protections to be applied on messages. Such policies restrict one or more of the following types of operations on messages.

- Reply
- Reply All
- Forward
- Edit content of messages when responding
- Modify recipients when responding
- Copy data from messages or taking screenshots
- Remove protection from messages
- Printing messages or attachments
- Sharing the message with other applications
- When a user receives a message with IRM protection enabled, TouchDown will ensure that the user is not allowed to perform the operations that are forbidden in the
associated template. Additionally, regardless of whether the Exchange ActiveSync policies enforce encryption or not, TouchDown will always ensure that emails protected with IRM and the associated attachments are encrypted with AES-256 encryption at rest.

When composing a new message, TouchDown provides the user with the option to protect the message with one of the IRM policy templates defined on the server.

About IRM

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 supports sending and receiving IRM protected emails through mobile devices. For more information, please refer to this link.

Support for Forms

Missing Outlook Forms?

TouchDown is the first and only ActiveSync email client that supports form-submission from a mobile device.
TouchDown users can now fill forms and cause emails to be sent with the captured information to specific email addresses.

Design Forms in Minutes

Forms can be designed in minutes using our free Windows-based Forms Designer (clicking this link will start the installer on a Windows PC running Windows Vista or Windows 7).
For more information on the forms designer, please see our Mobile Forms in TouchDown Slideshow.

Import Forms in TouchDown

Each designed form can be exported or emailed as a forms definition file with the extension .tdml.
When an end user receives a form as an attachment, he/she can long-press on the attachment file and select “Import” from the options available.
Once a form has been imported, the user can, from the Menu options available in the email list, select “Mobile Forms” and pick the form to fill.
Forms imported in TouchDown can be managed with the Mobile Forms button available in the last tab of TouchDown settings

Fill Forms in TouchDown

When a user launches a form by clicking the .tdml attachment or pressing Mobile Forms option in the email list, the form opens up.
Forms can contain text fields, check boxes, combo boxes, Date/Time controls or picture capture controls.
Once filled, the form can be emailed to a pre-configured list of email addresses.
The data filled in by the user can be included in the subject, body or attachments of the sent email.